“Speak no evil”, “See no evil” & “Hear no evil” 🙊🙈🙉
Created using recycled card and pressed flowers

Collage artworks created for Nottinghamshire’s Wildlife Trust Postcard Show exhibition at Idle Valley Nature Reserve showcasing almost 1000 unique artworks  to reflect of how so many connected with nature during lockdowns.

Postcard Show

1000 unique artworks

5 x 7′ 

Idle Valley Nature Reserve

These works reflected on our relationship with nature in lockdown and to showcase that nature needs our help.

Inspired by the original Japanese proverb of the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ The proverb and the image are often used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way or feigning ignorance.

Climate Scientists say we have only 20 years before there’s no turning back for nature and the environment. We must stop 🛑 turning a blind eye to the #climatechange crisis and take individual action to start making the world a greener place.

©Laura Robertson